Our Vision

Why We Exist

We are AYMCI; an Australian developer with Chinese heritage, creating luxury apartment homes and confident, thriving communities.

We believe in a world of villages; of healthy, happy neighbourhoods where people can connect and flourish. We foster these through smart design, planning and location.

We always look for the smartest way of doing things, relentlessly working towards greater effectiveness and efficiency for our buyers, to create homes of innovation, connectivity and cutting-edge technology, giving them tomorrow’s world… today.

We take social responsibility and the environment seriously; we know that green isn’t just a colour, but a whole new way of doing things. We achieve sustainability through a myriad of solutions such as; sustainable building materials, solar panels, sensor lights, regenerative lifts, and landscaped facades and courtyards to increase energy efficiency. We touch the earth lightly to create a brighter future for everyone.

Our Team

Who We Are

For a combined total of more than a century, we have been delivering high-quality developments, 5-star hotels, wellness centres, commercial property, and infrastructure.

Although our outlook is global, on each project we enlist only the best local experts, ranging from architects such as KANNFINCH, to high-calibre landscape designers, like ENVIRONMENTAL PARTNERSHIPS. These premium partners help guide us in creating the very best master-planned communities in Australia.

As an integrated team, we share ambitious goals and embrace the unique challenges of every project. We never accept the status quo, and we always strive for excellence, utilising our experience, know-how and passion to deliver homes of affordable luxury. Our apartments are open and spacious utilising storage to your delight.

Our Values

What We Stand For

Our values drive everything we do, from the initial concept, all the way through to the design and build, to handing over the keys.

Shared Future

We aren’t satisfied until our buyers are thriving in luxurious homes and vibrant communities. We hold their needs in mind at all times, as we tirelessly pursue excellence in everything we do.

Genuine Community 

We know what it takes to envision, create and build a thriving community. We draw on experience, know-how and a deep understanding of our buyers, to create neighbourhoods where people can live fulfilling lives.

Quality through Expertise

Our skills and experience span a diverse range of projects and geographical locations, and we are constantly seeking to deepen our knowledge. It is through this dedication to expertise and self-improvement, and our single-minded focus on intelligent design, that we are able to deliver homes that shine.