30 Jan 2023

Start your property investment journey in 2023 as there are positive trends to take advantage of right now. You must think about a few things to steer your mind and new goals in the right direction.

Ask yourself some questions and get those answers: What is a hot location, the best area to buy into if you are seeking to purchase an investment? Is apartment living the right investment choice long term? Will my apartment always have a tenant? Are the strata levies low? Is this apartment close to amenities and transport? If your questions are answered, then YES, the apartment you have chosen is the right choice.

As property prices continue to fall it becomes more affordable to make those repayments even in this high interest rate environment. Understanding the property market and its cycle is key. Facing a falling market will always see an upturn just around the corner from the slump. Taking advantage of the falling market will see you enjoy the gains of a boom!

When you review the rental market current vacancy rates are falling to an all-time low as there is limited supply. Now is the time where property investors can reap the rewards of high yields especially with demand from overseas migrants returning to pre-COVID-19 times of some sort of normality.

Thinking and acting about your financial future go hand in hand. Investing in property will always help you generate the wealth you require as you are nearing retirement.

Playing the waiting game to get in at the right time might mean you miss out on the long-term investment benefits by being in the property market game.

HOT SPOT LOCATIONS – Greater Western Sydney Area

Investing in Sapphire Apartments opposite Sydney Olympic Park right now when the suburb is being built around you will give you the capital growth you could be looking for long term. This is one location to consider in 2023.

It will involve making money by holding onto that property until its value has increased and then you can sell it for a profit at a later date. This is an option if you are seeking investments to help fund your retirement. Reviewing the suburb and buying early at a good price will see your investment soar when it is time to sell.

Investing and buying a Sapphire apartment could provide that passive income you were hoping to achieve ontop of your earnings or to even fund purchasers of investments such as shares in your investment portfolio. If your tenant pays more than it costs to own the property, then you have a steady stream of cash flowing your way.

Expanding your property portfolio means having the right expert team on your side to help you navigate through crucial challenges of finding a tenant, buying the right property that is suitable to your investment strategy.

When you buy for investment purposes in Sapphire apartments you will be able to get that superior expert advice from our dedicated sales team.

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